"My Place"




My newest project which depicts people and their favorite place in Næstved and the catchment areas of our town. It is still on-going.

Morten Borg

His favorite place is the library of Næstved, a place he finds very suitable when working on one of his many podcasts.

Linette Bach

One of Linette Bach's favorite places is an old house from 1828 build for for the working class of Holmegaard Glassworks.

Christina Mastrup

One of Christina's "favorite places" is to enjoy nature with her dogs.

Nete Jessie Walsted and her Daughter Melanie

When the grief becomes too big, Nete takes her daughter Melanie up to the grave where Nete's husband and Melanie's father is laid to rest. Melanie spends time alone with her father while Nete is sitting on the bench. One of the best things Nete knows is to see her daughter go from a depressed state to being a happy girl after a visit to her father's grave.

Philip Weise

Philip Weise also known as "Rute4700" has several favorite places. One spot he enjoys is "Grønnegades Kaserne Kulturcenter" and its surroundings. So many spots to relax, work or to meet people you know or don't know.

Simon Elm

Simon loves riding his bike at the local BMX park in Næstved.

Clara Elvira Elbech

Clara Elvira loves to challenge herself to get to the top of the big climbing tower that is a part of big playground nearby where she lives.

Jette Elias

Jette loves to ride her mountainbike with her familiy on one of the many trails that surrounds Næstved

Mads Chaman Jørgensen

The old clergy house of Fensmark has a special place in Mads' heart. He has so many warmth memories from this house.

Mette Jacobsen

Mette loves the gymnastics so much that she cannot stop performing - even when she is not attending the gymnastic classes.

Morten Bendix Rasmussen

One of the things Morten loves to do is coaching the youth team in NIF - the local soccer team.

Leif Baran

Every December on the town square Leif Baran loves to sit by his sleigh surrounded by happy kids. He cannot think of a better job.

Andreas Brabrand

Urbex photographer Andreas Brabrand loves finding abandoned places, explore them and take photos from spots that are interesting. This staircase is one of his favorite spot"

Peter Søholt Weigel Andersen

One of Peter Søholt Weigel Andersen favorite places is the local racing circuit called "Nisseringen" near Næstved. Since he was a child he has come on a regular basis. It started when his father and godfather in the start 80's participated in motoraces in an yellow WV beetle on "Nisseringen". They stopped racing, but Peter still has a connection to the racing circuit and helps them seeking sponsorships. What he loves about the place is the community., the history and off course the many exciting moments that happens during a race.

Pernille Langhave

Pernille loves to bring her guitar into Rådmandshaven - an urban forest within Næstved - and sit by one of the creeks that runs into Suså river and play a few tunes on the guitar.

Johnny Olsen

When not developing games for children ( check out Mushroom Kid - Star Collect on Google play ) Johnny likes to spend time in the gym.

Susy Pedersen

Susy loves taking the short walk from her summerhouse and watch the sunset from Enø Beach.

Majid Hoseini

Majid ( Instagram : artmaho) enjoys drawing and painting and is very talented. His art has been part of exhibitions around Denmark and he has been part of the DR program called "Danmarks Bedste Portrætmaler"

Freja Østergaard

Frejas store passion er tung musik og heavy-koncerter. Specielt live-optrædener med Red Warszawa, fremhæver hun som koncerter hvor hun er i sit es.