Looking back at a 2017. An year that has been pretty hectic both personally and professionally - but in a good way. My project "My Places" is slowly progressing, Right now I got photos of 13 great individuals from Næstved. I booked room for a showcase of the project in the local library in July 2018. Som I am really looking forward to see the photos physically.

In the mean time I have been giving myself some time to play around with a new photographic prop, a glasball from Lensball . It adds a pretty cool perspective to your photos and in december I had a little time to use it :

And in start januar I had the pleasure to be introduced into the art of urbex exploration by Andreas Brabrand and he even participated in my project "My Place".

Andreas BrabrandUrbex photographer Andreas Brabrand loves finding abandoned places, explore them and take photos from spots that are interesting. This staircase is one of his favorite spot"

And I even got some shots from that urbex exploration with my Samyang 7.5mm. It is such great lens albeit a little slow due to the high aperture number. 

Hello world. Just got my new site up and running - thanks to Michael Rasmussen for pointing me to this CMS called Koken. The installation is only a couple of hours old and it looks like it got everything needed for a CMS geared towards a photographer. Right now I'm uploading a ton of photos including my newest project were I want to depicts people and their favorite place in Næstved and the catchment areas of our town. Enough talk. Please enjoy my new website. KR Mads